About Me

My name is Manaf.

One word that could describe me is anomaly. The first thing that people think when they saw me is, “He is a freak, or nerd or anomaly”.

Hey, I’m proud of to be who I am. Truthfully, sometimes indeed, I feel like a freak. Especially when I have a good novel on my hand. I could eat it ravenously, unaware with my surrounding. Besides of that, I also love many things. My interest lay on science and technology, especially environment and sustainability; classical music and any music with string instruments; any books to collect and read, especially Harry Potter and historical novel with a touch of love; and international issues especially about youth empowerment, environment, and education.

Currently, I’m trying to be a good leader and graduate with honor so I could continue my dream in doing master degree related to environment, agriculture, and sustainability.

You can contact in this.

Email: muh.abdulmanaf@gmail.com
Twitter: @maneptah




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