Ada kekecewaan yang memendam

dalam keheningan malam

merayap turun




Tak usah risau

biarkan kau merasa

biarkan dirimu menangis karenanya

biarkan kau tahu


kau hidup dan menggenggam jiwa



On the 9th December yesterday, I became one of the collaborative committee from UKM, BEM, and AUMBO for AKOE INDONESIA Workshop. I was responsible for registration and also publication. The experience actually didn’t left me something to remember about. Because I also have another thing to do at that time, like Calculus class which I need to attend because I have been away so many times during class.

This workshop focusing in building nationalism and also entrepreneur skills for better Indonesia. The organizer think that nationalism is the key to motivate entrepreneur to make a better changes in Indonesia. I hope it could happen soon.



Yay! It’s finally open again. I am ready to apply, to fight, to try, to failed. To Succeed.

YSEALI Academic Fellows

What is it?

Since Spring 2015, Indonesian YSEALI Academic Fellows have joined fellows from other ASEAN countries to take part in academic institutes in one of three core YSEALI themes:

  • Civic engagement
  • Environment and natural resources management
  • Entrepreneurship and economic development

The YSEALI Academic Fellowships are intensive short term academic Institutes whose purpose is to provide groups of young leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States, and a particular theme, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills.

These five-week institutes, held on the campus of a U.S. university or college, include an academic residency, leadership development, an educational study tour, local community service activities, and opportunities to engage with American peers. Each program concludes in Washington, D.C. to allow for engagement with policymakers, governmental representatives, businesses, and think tanks.

Who is eligible to apply?

YSEALI members from all 10 ASEAN countries who are current undergraduate or graduate students or recently graduated.

Technical Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of application;
  • A citizen of one of the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam;
  • A resident of one of the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam;
  • A full-time undergraduate student or graduated in the past four years from college, university, or other institutions of higher learning;
  • Proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English; and
  • Eligible to receive a United States J-1 visa (A J-1 visa is for individuals approved to participate in work-and study-based exchange visitor programs.  As part of the J-1 visa, you are required to adhere to a two-year Foreign Residency Requirement. This means you will be required to reside in your home country for a period of two years before taking part in a similar program).

Selection Criteria

Applicants should:

  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university, place of work,  and/or community;
  • Demonstrate interest, knowledge, or professional experience in one of the YSEALI themes;
  • Demonstrate a commitment or interest in community service, volunteerism, or mentorship;
  • Indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States and ASEAN as a region;
  • Be willing to actively participate in an intensive academic program, community service, and study tour;
  • Have a commitment to return to their home country to apply leadership skills and training to benefit their community, country, or the ASEAN region; and
  • Preferably have little or no prior study or travel experience in the United States.

How to Apply:

The electronic application form may be downloaded HERE.

Applicants should submit an application for this program by e-mail.

The application deadline is May 15, 2016.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview.

Questions? E-mail:

Anteroseptal Myocardial Damage

Saya baru saja praktikum ECG dan beberapa kasus menunjukkan adanya anteroseptal myocardial damage. Wah, apa itu?


Apa itu?

An anteroseptal infarction is a heart problem where part of the heart muscle dies and scars due to poor blood supply. In this case, the tissue damage is centered around the anteroseptal wall, the area between the left and right ventricles. This can be dangerous for the patient, and it is necessary to receive treatment to address the cause of the tissue death and prevent additional damage.

This condition usually occurs as a result of a partial blockage along one of the branches of the left anterior descending (LAD) artery. When the whole artery is blocked, it can cause an acute myocardial infarction, where more of the heart is deprived of blood. In the case of lesser blockages, a limited infarction can occur in a more specific region, like the anteroseptal wall. A patient with an anteroseptal infarction may not get enough blood to the rest of the body and can experience pain, pressure, and discomfort in the chest.

Patients with chest pain typically receive an evaluation with an electrocardiograph machine to look at electrical activity in the heart. If something is irregular, information from the test will show the medical professional where the problem is situated. He or she uses a number of leads andelectrodes to get a complete picture of the heart. This type of infarction tends to be detectable on the first through fourth ventricular leads, and it will be readily visible to a doctor or technician reading the test and can help care providers decide how to move forward with treatment.

Sometimes, a medical professional may identify an old anteroseptal infarction. In this case, the patient experienced damage in the past but did not receive treatment for it, or did but the damage was permanent. This area of the heart muscle will not be as mobile and could contribute to irregularities in the patient’s heartbeat and circulation. Other tests will show evidence of an acute infarction, which means that damage is ongoing and the patient needs treatment to stop it.

Treatment for this problem can involve medications to stimulate the heart along with procedures to address blockages and clogged arteries. The patient may need surgery to bypass a completely blocked section of artery or a stent to allow the blood can flow freely. Treatment may also involve adjustments to the patient’s diet to prevent future problems. Activities like increasing physical activity levels or controlling blood pressure more effectively may also be recommended for prevention of another anteroseptal infarction.


BUT, saya sedang flu, yang bisa saja berakibat terhadap hasil dari ECG. Saya percaya saya ini sehat-sehat saja.

A Fool

I guess I am a little bit a fool to try buying MacBook AIr that unreasinably cheap. Only 5.8 million rupiah. As it turns out, the machine is sick and now I’ll pay the price for my foolishness.

At first, it perfectly all right, but after I change it to El Capitan, the machine start to failed after one week used. It has RSS and when I try to turn it on, there is a folder with question mark, it shows that my mac can not reboot. What the hell???

Fortunately I still have my old laptop Toshiba. I guess I will used it for awhile while waiting to repair my mac and maybe I will sell it.