Tanah Surga katanya, Surga Sampah kata saya

Sampah ada dimana-mana. Baik itu di hutan, di laut. Sepertinya Indonesia ini sudah terkukung sampah. Berita liputan 6 menyebutkan bahwa produksi smapah Indonesia setiap tahunnya adalah 64 juta ton. Itu kalau dibagi bagi Surabaya kayaknya penuh dengan sampah. Sedih kalau ngelihat sampah ada dimana dan kita bingung dengan apa yang bisa dilakukan.

Bulan Oktober kemarin saya ikutan Ekspedisi Nusantara Jaya di Pulau Mandangin, Pulau Masakambing, dan Pulau Masalembu. Ketiga pulau ini masih masuk provinsi Jawa Timur, namun semuanya termasuk kedalam jajaran daerah 3T (Terdepan, Terluar, dan Tertinggal). Kondisi pulau-pulau tersebut sangat jauh berbeda dengan apa yang ada di Pulau Jawa.

Kami hadir di Pulau Mandangin

Permasalahan yang belum menjadi fokus namun sangat sulit diperbaiki adalah masalah sampah. Warga masyarakat disana memanfaatkan laut sebagai tempat pembuangan sampah tak terbatas. Sampah organik dan anorganik dibuang semua ke lautan biru. Setiap pagi, akan ada orang ke laut untuk membuang sampah mereka. Baik itu sampah dari perut maupun sampah plastik bekas konsumsi mereka.

Bayangkan saja pantai pasir putih yang bersih dihiasi bukan oleh kerang, namun sampah plastik. Lautan biru di pinggir pantai yang bisa dipakai untuk berenang berselam sampah plastik yang mencekik ikan-ikan.  Saya melihatnya itu sangat sedih dan frustasi.

Sampah plastik dan pakaian menghias pantai Mandangin

Dari sumber yang saya baca (klik disini). Sampah plastik baru bisa terurai setelah 20 tahun. Kalau di air bahkan bisa lebih lama lagi. Menurut riset Jenna R Jambeck (2015), Indonesia merupakan penyumbang sampah plastik kedua ke laut setelah Cina. Hal ini tak mengherankan mengingat satu orang di Indoensia bisa menghasilkan 700 kantong sampah plastik dalam setahun. Sehingga tak mengherankan pantai dan laut kita sudah menjadi kandang sampah.

Sampah ini sangat berbahaya bagi ekosistem laut. Penyu tidak punya ruang bertelur, ikan tidak ada ruang untuk berenang. Ikan tak sengaja makan plastik yang bisa berakibat fatal. Koral kita juga bisa rusak.

Aksi kecil kami membersihkan Pantai Mandangin

Lalu solusinya bagaimana? Kuncinya ada pada kesadaran. Kita sadar untuk tidak buang sampah ke laut, kita sadar untuk membuang sampah pada tempatnya, kita sadar untuk mengolah sampah kita, kita sadar untuk mengurangi penggunaan plastik kita. Tantangan utamanya bukanlah beraksi, membersihkan sampah atau membangun tempat pengolahan. Tantangan utama adalah bagaimana masyarakat bisa sadar dan bergerak untuk melindungi lingkungannya, dimulai dari diri sendiri dahulu untuk melindungi surga kita, Indonesia.



Pengalaman Pahit dengan Uber

This morning I woke up and open my email. After that, I read the Uber receipt that Uber sent me after I used their service last evening. I read it carefully and then, BAM! THE DRIVER CHEATED ON ME about the fare. I wondered last night. How come the price is too expensive, like two times journey. Now I know why this is happened.

So last evening I and my KKN friend want to have farewell dinner with my friend from Spain, Gerard that will flying back to his home country this Saturday. It was raining all evening, so Gojek was not an option. I tried Uber since I never use it on my own. I ordered it and then I waited, waited for the driver to call me. He sent me message to tell me that he is on the way.  Little did I know that he is literally counting the fare from his starting point. I called him asking for his positions. He told me he didn’t know the place that I was referring to. I sent him messages. After 25 minutes frustrated, he finally came apoligizing, “Sorry, I didn’t know the place, the map said differently. I originally from Sidoarjo so I’m not familiar with this place”. I just told him let’s drive while not trying to be angry. After 15 minutes journey, I arrived in the restaurant and asked the driver how much does it cost. He said 36.500 rupiah. OMG! SO EXPENSIVE. I could buy 4 gado-gado with 2 kerupuk. I was in hurry so I gave the money to the driver, saying thanks and finished.

However, this strange and unfortunate experience makes me wondering all night. Especially after the Grab-car driver told me that sometimes the Uber driver cheated by starting their fare before the passenger in the car. My suspicion is confirmed when I received the Uber receipt in my email.

I will post my receipt in here so you can compare it to the ‘right trip map’.


You can see above that the route is chaos. The driver seems driving around aimlessly. Moreover, he didn’t try to call me asking for direction. I called him. That was so bad of him.


This map is the right route or the supposed route that the driver should use. He should start his fare on Universitas Airlangga, not in Jalan Dharmahusada Permai, which is in front of Airlangga Hospital and drove to the north almost to Kenjeran and then went back.

I am so disappointed by this driver. I waited for 25 minutes for him and then he cheated on me about the fare. I hope the Uber could solve this problem of mine. If you have similar experience, please share it with me.

Airlangga Specta 2016

I am so happy that Airlangga Specta 2016 was a huge success. I thank you all for participating in this awesome event. Probably this is not know by many people that I am the coordinator for this drama :-(. It’s okay, they probably remember Rama, Sinta, and Rahwana more than remember the people that working behind the scene. The producer (that’s me), the director, screen writer, etc. Nonetheless, we were very happy when we saw that ACC hall is full of people watching our performance, although it was very late. Thank you! Matursuwun!

Here I give you a glimpse of the performance and also my narcissistic appearance in the photographs.

img_5127 img_5375 img_5380 img_5391 img_5364 img_5214 img_5142

The Big Bad Wolf, Saatnya Kalap Belanja Buku

Surga bagi pecinta buku #bigbadwolfsurabaya

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” Oh my God, Oh my God!”

That was my reaction when I entered JX International Convection and Exhibition this afternoon. I was awed by the huge number of books in every spaces there! Once you entered, you will find children books on your left, and then fiction, non fiction, romance, literature, if you go straight ahead. If you love to cooks and doing craft, just go to your right. Beside the enormous number of books available in English, the price is definitely a winner compared to another exhibition.

This book exhibition is organized by The Big Bad Wolf Indonesia, and will take places from October 20-31th. I was so excited to hear this event happen in Surabaya, because usually it will takea place in Jakarta or Singapore or Malaysia. So, thank you for the organizers to bring this event to my city! Once I heard there will be this event, I directly register for a membership online. The advantages? more discounts and you got a chance to participate in Preview Sale today. It means, you got a hand in buying the best books available first!


The books collection is soo enormous!

I was so happy this afternoon and I didn’t realize that I spent 6 hours there, looking for books and adding my wish list chart to be bought tomorrow. You can find popular books like Hunger Games trilogy only Rp 155.000! it is so cheap! Usually you will these books around Rp 400.000-500.000 rupiah. The Maze Runner series that cost you only for Rp 160.000, the popular fantasy Percy Jackson for Rp 80.000, and many more. Actually, I want to spend more money on books, however I only have cash. The committee have some regulation that the limit for cash paying is Rp 150.000, so better prepared your credit or debit card.

To close my experience today, I will give you some tips to maximize your experience.

  1. Use public transportation to go to JX International. The parking lot is full if you went there above 4 pm. So, better use Gojek or Uber. (They have partnership for Uber, so you can input the promotional code and you will get Rp 35.000 off).
  2. Use comfortable cloth and shoes, since you will move around many times.
  3. Bring your own mineral water. I was very thirsty after 5 hours looking for books. I have to stop like 30 minutes to go upstairs and buying drink. Moreover, I need to leave my books downstairs :-(.
  4. Always prepare your credit card or debit card. They have limitations for cash. So, prepare it.
  5. For bank Mandiri user, you can use your credit card, fiesta poin, or e-cash for extra 20% discount. Wow, amazing right?
  6. If you decide to buy 30 books or more, bring your own suitcase or cardboard for saving the books.

Those are the tips from me, don’t forget mind your behaviour there! It’s a public place, respect the others and keep the book on their place. Don’t move it around if you don’t buy it.


My hunting result for today!