The Result is OUT

Setelah nunggu lebih dari sebulan, akhirnya lomba blog dari Universitas Airlangga sudah keluar hasilnya. Sayang banget gak bisa juara, padahal awalnya optimis. Tapi ternyata hasilnya undian, kecewa banget sama panitia. Baru tahu kali ini lombanya undian. Apalagi aku cuma ngumpulin satu artikel doang.


On sunny day December 23, I read an email from BPP Universitas Airlangga telling me that the result for blogging competition is out already and my submission have been approved and I got a voucher that can be used for accessing the winner link. Then I click the link on the email but nothing came out. Then I decided to go to BPP Office. I asked confirmation from the committee and then they say that we were still in the judging process. He gave me a little bit the winner characteristic and I was disappointed to hear that the winner is chosen based on his/her luckiness. The voucher that the committee gave us to our email actually our lottery number. The committee chose 6 out of 100 voucher randomly and then they will assess their content and etc. Finally, 6 winners will be selected 3 for students and 3 for public. I just nod to his explanation and went back to my dorm after that.

That night, the result came out and unfortunately, the committee decided to publish the voucher, not the link of the winners blog. I am really curious why they decided to do this. This is not fair, as a participant myself, I want to know who are the winners. Are their writing good? We want to see and read their blog too. So, unless the winners also the committee, that’s why they probably did this. However, you can read the announcement in here.



On the 9th December yesterday, I became one of the collaborative committee from UKM, BEM, and AUMBO for AKOE INDONESIA Workshop. I was responsible for registration and also publication. The experience actually didn’t left me something to remember about. Because I also have another thing to do at that time, like Calculus class which I need to attend because I have been away so many times during class.

This workshop focusing in building nationalism and also entrepreneur skills for better Indonesia. The organizer think that nationalism is the key to motivate entrepreneur to make a better changes in Indonesia. I hope it could happen soon.

Hiks, Gagal lagi


This is a story worth telling.

This is story about TIME.

Because of 1 second I and my team can not join YSEALI Seeds for Future Grants. All the working and all night up are wasted. I have to wait for another opportunity again.

Dari dulu kayaknya selalu ditakdirkan untuk gagal ikutan kegiatan dari YSEALI deh. Dari dulu gagal melulu. I confess, that this failure remind me that I need to be a good leader and also I need to learn more about Project Management and less perfectionist, because this is urgent. Huh, such a night that I will not forget.

AND I NEED TO SUBMIT MY RESEARCH PROPOSAL on December 19th! I haven’t finished it yet.

Pengalaman Pahit dengan Uber

This morning I woke up and open my email. After that, I read the Uber receipt that Uber sent me after I used their service last evening. I read it carefully and then, BAM! THE DRIVER CHEATED ON ME about the fare. I wondered last night. How come the price is too expensive, like two times journey. Now I know why this is happened.

So last evening I and my KKN friend want to have farewell dinner with my friend from Spain, Gerard that will flying back to his home country this Saturday. It was raining all evening, so Gojek was not an option. I tried Uber since I never use it on my own. I ordered it and then I waited, waited for the driver to call me. He sent me message to tell me that he is on the way.  Little did I know that he is literally counting the fare from his starting point. I called him asking for his positions. He told me he didn’t know the place that I was referring to. I sent him messages. After 25 minutes frustrated, he finally came apoligizing, “Sorry, I didn’t know the place, the map said differently. I originally from Sidoarjo so I’m not familiar with this place”. I just told him let’s drive while not trying to be angry. After 15 minutes journey, I arrived in the restaurant and asked the driver how much does it cost. He said 36.500 rupiah. OMG! SO EXPENSIVE. I could buy 4 gado-gado with 2 kerupuk. I was in hurry so I gave the money to the driver, saying thanks and finished.

However, this strange and unfortunate experience makes me wondering all night. Especially after the Grab-car driver told me that sometimes the Uber driver cheated by starting their fare before the passenger in the car. My suspicion is confirmed when I received the Uber receipt in my email.

I will post my receipt in here so you can compare it to the ‘right trip map’.


You can see above that the route is chaos. The driver seems driving around aimlessly. Moreover, he didn’t try to call me asking for direction. I called him. That was so bad of him.


This map is the right route or the supposed route that the driver should use. He should start his fare on Universitas Airlangga, not in Jalan Dharmahusada Permai, which is in front of Airlangga Hospital and drove to the north almost to Kenjeran and then went back.

I am so disappointed by this driver. I waited for 25 minutes for him and then he cheated on me about the fare. I hope the Uber could solve this problem of mine. If you have similar experience, please share it with me.