My First C++ Algorithm

In this 4th semester, I got a lecture Computer Programming, or I should say Basic Computer Programming.

I’ve never had a computer programming experience before. It’s little bit complicated, I should say, and make me understand why Mathematics is important for all of us who is studying engineering or science in general. Math give us a basic logic, a step by step way of thinking.

—–Writing something—–


using namespace std;
int main ()
cout<<“Teknobiomedik Unair\n”;


—- Counting area, circumference, and hypotenuse of isosceles triangle—

//Menghitung sisi miring, keliling, luas segitigga siku-siku
using namespace std;
int main()
int a,t;
float s_miring, luas, keliling;

cout<<“Inputkan alas=”;cin>>a;
cout<<“Inputkan tinggi=”;cin>>t;
cout<<“Sisi Miring Segitiga=”<<s_miring<<endl;
cout<<“Luas segitiga=”<<luas<<endl;
cout<<“Keliling segitiga=”<<keliling<<endl;
return 0;


—-Counting Ideal Weight—-

//Berat Badan Ideal
using namespace std;
int main ()
int tb;
float bb;
cout<<“Inputkan Tinggi Badan=”;cin>>tb;
cout<<“Berat Badan Ideal=”<<bb<<endl;


Thats my first day of using C++. What’s yours.


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