Begin Again

Today is my first day in 4th semester.

Unfortunately, I’m still sick. My throat sore, my eyes burnt, I have a headache, and my nose watered. But I could still think clearly, so I must attend the classes. I believe this day just for orientation, not a full lecture. So I could be a very happy.

The beginning of semester always bring a new spirit. Most of my friends will make promises to themselves, that they will be a good students, do the homework on time. Later in the mid semester, they’ll lose the spirit of the new beginning.

I’m sure this usually happens to everybody, especially myself. I can not help it’s creeps day by day, and then suddenly, viola! I lost the motivation. I’m still working to have a long spirit of the new beginning.


How to find email address on GIS AIESEC new system

If you are AIESECers and you are the member of OGX or IGX, or you are the international relationship manager like me, finding an email address of another VP is very difficult through AIESEC new system. That was my thought before my VP told me some tricks.

If you want to promote opportunities, you have to do some spamming in each LC wall (I’m sure you do it a lot, unfortunately with little responses). The best way to promote your opportunity is through email. You politely inform another LC through email address of VP OGX. Usually it works like magic. They always response to your email, although maybe they only wrote “thank you”, nonetheless it’s still a response.

However, finding the email address of VP OGX through AIESEC new system GIS is difficult (If you don’t know the secret). This new system is like social media Facebook. Each member will write their biography on their page. If you can find the page of the VP OGX, you will notice the email address displayed on it. Then, you could copy and paste to your email destination. Easy, eh?

Here I’ll give you instructions one by one to find another VP email address.

1. Log in to


2. You’ll find yourself on the Dashboard page. Click Committee,


3. After that you’ll find list of MCs, click LC that you want to contact, for example, Japan.


4. If I want to contact the LC in Nagoya University, click the Nagoya University. You’ll find this page.


5. Then, click the TEAMS below the header. You’ll find this page.


6. After that, click the OGX, find the VP name.


7. Write down the name on the Search menu. After that, click the name. You’ll find yourself on the page of the VP biography. Scroll down, you’ll find the address on the CONTACT DETAILS.


Well, if you found it use it wisely.

Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences 2015 (MCLS 2015)

Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences 2015 (MCLS 2015)



Share your research findings!
We invite authors to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation at MCLS 2015

Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences 2015 (MCLS 2015) is a joint seminar between Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) – Universitas Airlangga and Institute for Protein Research Osaka University-Japan. This joint seminar aims to improve academic exchange, research collaboration, and common goal to advance scientific research in Asia.

Abstracts are invited to submit. All submissions to the conference will be reviewed by at least two independent peers for technical merit and content.

1. Infectious Diseases
2. Biochemistry
3. Strcutural Biology

Abstract must be written in ENGLISH and submit online through or send via email to
Deadline abstract submission :

March 1, 2015

Abstract acceptance announcement :

March 10, 2015

If you have any queries, please do not be hesitate to contact us for further information. Visit our website at

International Office and Partnership Universitas Airlangga's photo.
International Office and Partnership Universitas Airlangga's photo.

2015 INHA University Summer School

2015 INHA University Summer School
Program Page :

Students who are interested in 2015 Inha Summer School 2015 can apply online at . The application and payment deadline will be 8th of May.

If you have any questions or concers about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the International Center at

'2015 INHA University Summer School
Program Page :

Students who are interested in 2015 Inha Summer School 2015 can apply online at . The application and payment deadline will be 8th of May.

If you have any questions or concers about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the International Center at'

Write your own story; The Book of Life review

Baru tadi malem sempet download film animasi romance adventure yang judulnya The Book of Life ini. Film yang berfokus pada cerita 2 orang laki-laki, Manolo dan Joaquin yang memperebutkan anak perempuan Maria. Penguasa Land of Remembered, La Muerte dan penguasa Land of Forgotten, Xibaba bertaruh siapa diantara dua anak laki-laki ini yang akan menikahi Maria. Bila La Muerte menang, maka Xibaba tidak boleh mengganggu urusan manusia, kalau Xibaba menang, maka mereka akan tukar tempat kuasa.

Setelah itu cerita mengalir, berfokus pada bagaimana ketiga orang itu tumbuh dewasa. Manolo menjadi bullfighter atas tuntutan keluarga, padahal dia ingin menjadi musisi. Sedangkan Joaquin menjadi pahlawan lokal dengan memakai The Medal of Eternal Life pemberian Xibaba. Maria berubah menjadi wanita yang cantik, istilahnya kembang desa.

Dari awal cerita sudah bisa di duga kalau Maria akan menikah dengan Manolo. Namun, yang tidak kita tahu adalah surprises yang ada di jalan cerita. Demi bisa menikah dengan wanita yang dicintainya, Manolo rela mati dan bangkit kembali untuk bisa bersatuu dengan Maria.

Dari Manolo ini yang sangat bagus untuk dipelajari alaha determinasi dan loyalitasnya pada Maria. Joaquin belajar agar dia bisa percaya pada kekuatan sendiri, tanpa menggantungkan The Medal of Eternal Life.

Menurutku, dari rating 1-10, film ini bisa masuk rating 8. Karena animasinya yang lucu, dan ceritanya yang tidak hanya berfokus pada romance, namun juga family dan perjuangan. Patut sekali untuk ditonton bagi anak remaja dan anak-anak.

International Student Energy Summit 2015 in Indonesia

Deadline: May 17, 2015

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Date: June 10- 13, 2015

The International Student Energy Summit (ISES) is a global forum that focuses on sustainable resource management and the role that students will play in defining the future of energy development. ISES is Student Energy’s pinnacle event and targets international, multidisciplinary post secondary students in undergraduate and graduate studies interested in energy. The ISES program focuses on three main pillars that address today’s key energy issues:

  • Markets & Regulation
  • Global Energy Dynamics
  • Technology & Innovation

The ISES 2015 event theme is “Connecting the Unconnected” and will combine the visions of “striving forward” and “leaving no one behind”. This program provides students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base on energy, think critically, and open their minds to new perspectives on energy and its future. Delegates will be challenged to learn about energy challenges at global scale and garner the skills required to ultimately solve them.

Building on a 6-year history, the conference is built specifically for students and is diverse in format, including:

  • Keynotes from leading experts and thought leaders
  • Panel sessions designed to encourage productive and provocative debate
  • Specialized breakout sessions to strengthen knowledge
  • Interactive program elements to give students hands on experience
  • Social events that capture the essence of our host location – Bali, Indonesia

Early bird registration will stay open from January 15th until April 4th. Delegates who sign up during this time will receive a significant price discount. Prices until April 4th are as follows:

  • Early Bird – $680
  • Early Bird SE Members (code required) – $340
  • Early Bird + $19 Student Energy Membership – $359

Normal registration will be open from April 5th until May 17th.

Delegate Registration Fee Include:

  • Access to all plenary and break-out sessions hosted by world energy experts and leaders
  • All meals for the duration of the event
  • Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Access to networking and social events
  • Transportation from delegates hotel to the venue
  • Conference kit
  • Booklet and Guidebook for Delegates

A bursary program is available where ISES 2015 fundraising team offer financial support to delegates who demonstrate financial need. There is only a certain amount of funding available so discounts offered are limited and vary based on the requirements below.

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student all over the world
  • Really need a financial support to attend ISES 2015
  • Have high willingness to support a sustainable global energy

To apply for a bursary simply register for the conference as normal and on the payment page select “Apply for a Bursary”. You will be asked to answer questions about why you want to attend ISES and to demonstrate your financial need.

Any questions about bursaries should be directed to